Favourite Comic Hero: Green Arrow

Favourite Comic/GN: The Crow

Favourite Villain in Comics: Scarecrow

Favourite Creature/s: Werewolves

Connor J Sheffield

I am aspiring writer of fiction and love nothing more than sitting down, relaxing and reading comics. I love the more grounded stories but also have great fondness for anything that allows me to escape the real world.

I’m and Adult with Autism and so the way I write my reviews is how I would most like to read a review myself. I set the articles out into categories, including a little intro that allows to me talk about my fondness for a topic, writer, artist, or merely just some quick words on how I discovered the product I’m reviewing.

I hope that you will find my articles simple to read with plenty of information to at least whet your appetite for some of the products I review.

I post mostly Marvel and DC based comic reviews but I am currently looking to move away from those being my primary topic so if anyone out there is or knows any Indie comic writers, as well as any other creators of various nerdy products, feel free to drop me a message on one of my socials or contact me via email following the link on the left of this page.

What I write

Comic Reviews

Film Reviews

Figure/Toy Reviews

TV Reviews

Book Reviews

Game Reviews

Past Experiences

DC World


Review Writer
(2019 – 2020)

I was honoured to be invited to write reviews for DC World, the UK’s number one biggest fan site for all things DC Comics. During my time there, I wrote reviews for all episodes of Arrow’s Eigth and final season as well as a few comic reviews, before stepping back to take some time out for my own health. I met some amazing people from the team who have continued to support me to this day.

JumpCut Online


Review Writer
(2019 – ?)

Another great site that I have had the privelege of writing reviews for. JumpCut Online is an award winning publication site filled with incredibly talented writers from across the globe. I have written various reviews about DC products such as Titans season two and multiple DC animated films, as well as a few game reviews including Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl & Far Cry: New Dawn. Thanks to my brother being on the management team, I am lucky enough to be able to still receive opportunities now and then to write for this site, which still gets me giddy whenever something pops up that he asks me to write about.

Evolution of my Blog

I started out sharing my views on Twitter under a Green Arrow fan page known as DC Quiver, but later decided to make a blog and have a go at writing some real reviews.

After a year of realising I had strayed further from posting Green Arrow content I decided to rebrand into what then became known as B.C.R.D – Blog for Comic-book Research and Defense…why? Because I found myself defending a lot of products that got slated for being bad when really, in most cases I discovered a lot of people hating on these products didn’t do any actual research. The idea for the name came from my love of Hellboy comics, which includes an organization known as the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense – B.P.R.D. So I used it and it was going well…but then I discovered that it still didn’t sit right in my heart.

So I took some time out, stepped back and planned it out. I needed something that was catchy, short, and still showed my loves, not just for comics but for all mediums. So I came up with the name Media Mallrat.

For those of us who aren’t American, a Mallrat is someone who hangs out at a mall (shopping center for us UK folks) with only one intention, to socialise. I love socialising with mutuals on social media and other blogs, so it seemed right despite me not being American enough to use the slang, but it just so happens that Mallrats is also the name of one of my favourite films of all time, by one of the my favourite Directors, Writers, Podcasters etc. of all time, Kevin Smith.

So…this name to me, meant that I am someone who socialises with other mutuals about all mediums, be it comics, tv, film, books, action figures etc. It’s a fitting name and it shows my love for both the topics and my love for Kevin Smith’s work…jackpot!

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News, reviews and opinions on all things geek!

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