Moon Knight #1 (1980)

Written by: Doug Moench

Art by: Bill Sienkiewicz

Inkers: Bill and Franki S.

Letterer: T. Orzechowski

Colors by: B. Sharen

Editor: Denny O’Neil

Supervisor: Jim Shooter

Cover of Moon Knight #1 – Cover Art by Bill Sienkiewicz


Ahead of the new Disney Plus series for Marvel’s Moon Knight, I decided to do a bit more research into some of the classic comics that started it all. Besides his appearance in Werewolf by Night #32, I have not read much of the character or his origins. So I wanted to learn more before the series comes out, and what better place to start, than with issue 1 from 1980? His first solo run.


Marc Spector is a mercenary, teamed up with someone far more terrifying than any man he has ever known. A man whose face is tattooed as a symbol of terror and death, the fearsome, merciless killer known as Bushman!

After realizing the horror of his mission, Spector turns against Bushman, saves a young woman from sharing the same fate as her father, a victim of Bushman’s sharp silver teeth, but his betrayal cos Spector his life, as Bushman leaves him stranded in the deserts of Sudan, to burn and dehydrate beneath the scorching sun.

Stumbling his way into an ancient tomb, Marc lies dead beneath a statue of Khonshu, an ancient God of the moon, but death is not the end for Marc Spector, as he rises once more, much to the surprise of the young woman he saved, who was watching over his lifeless body. Now imbued with Khonshu’s spirit, adorning Khonshu’s hooded cloak, Spector now seeks his revenge on Bushman.

With his new gear and newly found power, Marc Spector will take to the streets of New York as Moon Knight!

Moon Knight swoops in for vengeance


Moon Knight is certainly an interesting character and issue one gives you almost everything you need to know about his origins and his quest for vengeance.

We get to see so much about the character including his crescent moon-shaped aircraft, as well as his gadgets such as batons and crescent darts that he hurls towards his foes. It’s easy to see why so many compare him to DC’s Batman but make no mistake, Moon Knight is his own character, loved by many.

The issue is packed with a cracking story that allows new readers such as myself to learn what we can before the new series starts.

Moon Knight jumps into action!


The art in this issue is like so many classic comics from the Golden and Silver Age of comics, all brightly coloured despite their dark plot lines. Vivid primary colours across every page and panel make them stand out from any comic published after the 2000s.

The design of Bushman, specifically his close-up panel, shows great detail for his appearance and makes him genuinely terrifying to behold.

Bushman – as seen in Moon Knight #1 (1980)


The classics are always a good place to start and digital comics make that easier than ever to get a hold of the earliest issues.

The first issue of Moon Knight is crammed with great details including Marc Spector’s other identities, his gadgets and gizmos, and of course his origin (as short and sweet as it might be).

If you want to read this first issue to get a head start before the series begins on Disney Plus, then it’s available to read for just £1.59 on the Marvel Comics app!

Various Identities – and the Crescent Moon-shaped Aircraft

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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life

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The Joker’s HQ

News, reviews and opinions on all things geek!

DCs Earth-9

Travelling the Multiverse

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