[Figure Review] Jay – Clerks 20th Anniversary

Continuing with my Clerks 20th Anniversary Diamond Select figure reviews, we move on to reviewing Silent Bob’s hetero life-mate, Jay!

Jay, portrayed by Kevin Smith’s real-life hetero-life-mate, Jason Mewes, is the lovable yet annoying character who gets himself and his silent friend into all sorts of trouble. As Kevin Smith describes the real Jason Mewes, Jay as a character also has a million-dollar heart but a nickel head. However, without Jay, I doubt Silent Bob would have as many crazy adventures as the pair have had together over the years, from stealing a monkey, to falling in love with an international jewel thief, breaking into Hollywood twice, and most recently for Jay, becoming a father (in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot).


So on with the review, this figure looks good, being easily recognizable as the character that it is supposed to be. A very distinct character with easily recognizable features such as his black cap and ponytail, the black hooded jacket over a white t-shirt and as with the Silent Bob figure of course, a cigarette in hand. The gray scale palette remains the same on this figure as it does for Silent Bob, with no distinct designs on clothing such as the t-shirt which, if you’ve seen Clerks, you know that Jay had a t-shirt with the words “Oh Wow! What? Did I say something? Never mind.” written on it with a picture of a humanoid banana in shades to accompany the words, but the creators of this figure decided to leave his t-shirt blank, and whilst it sort of makes sense, given that he has his coat on still and you don’t really see his shirt design in the film until he throws his jacket off, it would have been alright if they added at least a part of the logo peering through the jacket in order to give it that little extra screen accuracy.

The figure stands at around 7 inches tall making it a fairly standard size for a lot of figures like this, including those from other brands such as DC Direct, etc. I honestly don’t think the figure needs to be any bigger than that, as it makes for good display size and a good size for a photography model.

Unlike my nitpicking issue with the Silent Bob figure, the face sculpting on Jay is more of a blank slate, meaning that there is no distinct expression being shown, which means I could take this out and put it in almost any scenario for a photograph, and it would work much better as a model.


This figure has one less point of articulation with only 15 points. The first point can be found in the neck, allowing you to turn Jays head side to side, with a slight up and down movement, restricted to a simple facing forward pose, rather than being able to look up.

Next, are his shoulders, which are able to move back and forth, as well as up into a T pose, but no higher than his shoulders. They can also turn 360 degrees, in order to pose their arms backward like an anime run. Lower down the arms, the figure has articulation in the elbows, allowing you to bend them into an almost 90 degree angle, but nothing more. The final articulation found along the arms is his hands, which can only twist 360 degrees, but cannot be angled in any way.

Moving down the body, this figure does NOT have articulation in the waist allowing his hip to swivel a full 360 degrees like the Silent Bob figure does. The articulation on this figure is more restricted by Jays outfit which combines both his coat and t-shirt together in a tubular fashion. Below that are his legs which can be be moved forwards and backwards but only slightly, as the majority of the upper leg articulation is restricted by the coat. Jay cannot be articulated into any form of splits position unlike the Silent Bob figure, but he can be posed in a running position which is still useful from a toy photography point of view.

The knees have two points of articulation each, with allows his lower leg to bend almost back, close to his backside. The double knee joints are common in Diamond Select Figures, and make for great pose-ability with the figures.

Finally, there is some slight articulation in the ankles, though it is restricted by the design of the trousers on the leg, and doesn’t really provide any true purpose for posing.


The Diamond Select Figures more often than not, come with a diorama of some sort, or if like this figure, it’s part of a set, it will come with part of the diorama, which can only be fully made up by buying the other figures in the collection. Jay’s figure in the Clerks 20th Anniversary set, comes with one half of the ‘RST Video Store’ diorama, as well as being given a bag of weed as an accessory, which, if you know the film, makes a lot of sense.

The diorama piece, which includes a plastic stand made to look like the sidewalk, along with the cardboard printout of the RST Video Storefront that slides into the plastic base for stability, looks pretty good for display purposes. the cardboard print is double-sided as well, meaning you have one side that is of the storefront, and the other side which is designed to look like the inside of the store, giving the buyer some variety in display options. The diorama includes some stickers for you to put on the cardboard display such as the store logo, and a sticker that’s designed to look like videos on a shelving unit for the inside of the store.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, this figure is a great addition to any Jason Mewes/Kevin Smith fan’s collection. The appearance is done well, the articulation though restricted is still decent and along with the accessories it’s like owning a part of the film itself. I would recommend any View Askew fan who enjoys collecting, to buy this figure, especially if you can grab the whole set which includes Silent Bob, Dante and Randall. Sadly I am missing Dante due to a shipping error but I’ll get him one day and then the set will be complete.

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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life

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News, reviews and opinions on all things geek!

DCs Earth-9

Travelling the Multiverse

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