Hellsing Ultimate


I’ve always been a fan of vampires, especially when a story focuses on one particular Vampire who’s better than all the rest. I can’t quite explain why I love these types of stories so much, but I’m sure many of you enjoy something similar within other media.

When I first decided to try and watch anime as a teenager in school, I came across Hellsing so I checked it out and loved it, so now, years later, I finally have it bought on blu-ray fi so I can check out all the extras, as well as rewatch the 10 episodes whenever I like.


After her father passed away, the Hellsing organization was left in the hands of a young girl, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, now a woman at age 22, and the last descendant of the Helsing blood line. Her ancestor, Abraham Van Helsing, was the leader of the Order of Protestant Knights, who protected the world from creatures of the night such as vampires, and yes, the Bram Stoker story is true, Abraham Van Helsing did indeed kill Dracula, but instead of killing him permanently, Helsing turned Dracula into his servant, who to this day remains the Hellsing Organizations most powerful weapon against any and all threats.

Alucard is his name now, and he has served the Hellsing family for centuries, despite being the most powerful creature in existence. He often restrains his own powers from being used because there is simply no need to reveal them, since every foe he faces seems to be considerably weaker than he is, however he has been known to use them for certain encounters, mostly to frighten those who oppose him and prove to them that any stories they hear are true. He has even served in the War against Germany, which involved a mission to stop the Nazi’s from creating a Vampire army.

Whilst on a mission to hunt down a vampire attack in a small town in England, Alucard was forced to shoot a young police officer in order to kill the vampire who was threatening to rape and kill her. Alucard gave the young woman a choice to make, to either die or to become a vampire and live under the Hellsing Organization’s service. Seras Victoria chose to become a Vampire, which sounded fun at first, but she soon discovers a quarrel within herself about whether or not she can live as a vampire.

Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate

Throughout the series, Alucard and the other members of the Hellsing Organization will uncover the truth about the sudden rise in Vampire attacks, which turns out to be the result of a returning enemy known as Millennium, a group of Nazi’s who have survived the war thanks to their transformation from Human to Vampire, and who are preparing to carry out a revenge attack on England in the name of their führer, Adolf Hitler.

However, Hellsing’s attempt at stopping them will not be easy, as the England based organization must face another enemy, one which should in fact be an ally, in the form of Vatican section XIII, The Iscariot Organization. This secret wing of the Vatican was formed for the same reason as the Hellsing organization; to pursue and exterminate all threats posed by supernatural entities, such as vampires. Their feud resides in the fact that the Iscariot Organization is Catholic, whilst the Hellsing Organization, along with the majority of England, is Protestant. Their other main issue, is the fact that Hellsing harbors the deadliest vampire known to man, as a pet. They are constantly trying to create stronger soldiers, known as Regenerators, in order to defeat Alucard, with their strongest Paladin being Alexander Anderson. Regenerators are genetically modified beings, which allow their bodies to automatically heal almost any wound that has been inflicted upon them.

A new type of war draws ever closer to England, as the Nazi’s have evolved into something that is somehow worse than before. Vampire Nazi’s will swarm the streets of London, and our best defensive organizations will have to put aside their differences in order to save humanity, but can they do so?

Nazi Vampires from Hellsing Ultimate


Vampires, Nazi’s, Humans and lots of guns, this show is jam packed with action, but more than that it is packed to the brim with gore. There is lots of blood in this show, from gunshots, from knife wounds, being blown up by cannons and bombs, or simply being torn apart by a vampire lord. If you are fan of gory vampire action then this show is for you. Alucard is such a cool character who is known to be sadistic and a masochist, often taunting his opponents by letting any damage they inflict make contact with his body. He has been shot, decapitated and blown up, but he just keeps coming back for more, laughing as he does so. He adores violence, and loves taunting those weaker than him, throwing insults at them in order to make them fight with reckless abandon, only to discover they are nothing in comparison, and that any attempt to defeat him is pointless. Even in his restrained form, he is a killer marksman, wielding two powerful handguns, called Jackals, that shoot .454 Casull bullets. Now, truth be told I wouldn’t know what that means either if I hadn’t googled it, but put it this way, they are high caliber bullets that he can shoot in a continuous barrage, meaning that anything he shoots, doesn’t get back up.


The art style of the anime is very dark in tone, with the brighter sections mostly being brought in for the comedic areas such as Seras’ little shenanigans. As with all anime it seems, despite the dark subject matter of the plot, there are plenty of areas that change animation style to bring in some comedy elements, that ease the tensions of the series.

Each character is designed to stand out and be memorable, no matter how much you dislike them for what they represent as an individual. Alucard’s design is particularly memorable for his dramatic flare, with the red trench coat & hat, accompanied with orange shades that complete the look, which I’m sure is hard to pull off if you’re not a vampire lord, or at the very least, slim but threatening with a hint of devilish charm.

As mentioned previously the series has a lot, and I mean a lot of blood so if you’re not into gore then maybe try and look for something else, but if you are then this show has it by the bucket load!

Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate


Hellsing was one of the earliest anime series that I watched and remains one of my absolute favourites for it’s plot and for the action packed episodes. Alucard is one of my favourite characters in anime to this day and really stands out from other forms of Dracula based characters, for his truly sadistic nature, especially when he laughs so much at opponents trying to best him.

As I said, if you love vampires and don’t mind all the animated bloodbaths (if you’re into vampires you should be used to blood anyway), then Hellsing Ultimate is certainly a show for you! There are 10 episodes that run just under an hour long each. That’s right, this isn’t an anime in the normal sense, because Hellsing Ultimate is an Original Video Animation anime. There was a 13 episode anime before Ultimate, simply called Hellsing, which had started before the Manga series were finished, meaning that it had 6 episodes which were ‘filler’ episodes, and are not canon to the actual Hellsing story. Hellsing Ultimate on the other hand, is true to the manga from beginning to end.

Hellsing Ultimate is available to watch on Netflix (UK) as well as on Funimation.

Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate

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