DC Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite

  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • For Ages: 15+
  • Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes

Game Box Contains: 

  • 36 Punch Cards
  • 16 Vulnerability Cards
  • 111 Main Deck Cards
  • 16 Kick Cards
  • 12 Super-Villain Cards
  • 20 Weakness Cards
  • 7 Oversized Super Hero Cards
  • 211 Game Cards in total
  • 1 Rulebook 


After it’s successful predecessor from 2012, DC Deck-Building Game, this new standalone box set was released in 2014 under the sub-title “Heroes Unite”, and saw a whole new range of cards to play with, whether you choose to play this version as a solo game or mix them up with the first box-set.

All images are property of Cryptozoic and DC


This game requires a minimum of 2 players, who will each use their wits, power and abilities, to defeat the Super-villains of the game so that they may take control of them to increase their own deck. Aside from the Super-Villains, there is also a line up of 5 different cards which are chosen and replaced by the main deck, all with their own unique text underneath the beautiful art.

Before the game starts, each player gets to pick a Super-Hero who each have their own unique effects that can be used on every turn. These will help benefit the players (mostly) especially if the player can strategise and be successful in making their strategy work, because this is certainly a game where your opponents moves could hinder you in a big way.

The Super-Heroes available in the ‘Heroes Unite’ core game, are different to the ones in others. This version of the game gives you the choice of picking between Hawkman, Shazam!, Black Canary, Batgirl, Red Tornado, Booster Gold, or Nightwing. If you are lucky enough to find one on the internet, there is also a Starfire card available as a promo, but sadly I do not own this particular Super-Hero card.

Of course, if you own the previous DC Deck-Building Game, or any of the expansions and other stand-alone versions, you can choose to mix it up a bit and use one of those Hero cards instead.

After choosing your desired Super-Hero, the players then start off their decks with 7 ‘Punch’ cards, and 3 ‘Vulnerability’ cards, to give each player a starting total of just 10 cards, which they will shuffle before drawing 5 random cards to use as their hand. These are known as starter cards, but throughout the game you will gain a variety of cards of different types which includes;

  • Hero
  • Villain
  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Super Power
  • Super-Villain

Each card is given a cost value, and a VP value (unless their ability states some other way to count it’s VP at the end). The cost value is marked within a silver circle, whilst the VP value is marked within the star.

This Batarang card costs 2 Power Points to obtain, and is worth 1 VP at the end

Whilst this game can sound difficult to some at first, it is simply a matter of playing through it and learning as you go because once you do that, it is a very simple and easy game to play, with many different strategies for a player to utilise in order to win in the endgame.

Each Player must build up their deck by buying cards using Power Points, which then allows them to use new abilities, attacks, defences, and power points to beat their opponent/s. When the deck of Super-Villains is all gone, the game ends and the players each count their decks Victory Points (VP) to reach a total value. The person with the highest number of VP wins! However, VP can be reduced if the player has any ‘Weakness’ cards in their deck, which are received through attacks that have not been defended.

All images are property of Cryptozoic and DC

Whilst each player sits opposite each other, in the middle is where the Main Deck, the Stacks and the Line-Up is placed, for all to see so that each player can choose which cards they wish to obtain (given they have enough power points to obtain them of course) as well as being able to see which Super Villain is active and awaiting defeat.

Centre Set up as seen in the Heroes Unite Game Manual

As you can see there are 5 cards laid out in the lineup and any card bought during a players turn are replaced with cards from the main deck at the end of that turn. In the stacks section you can see there are 3 stacks. The first stack contains ‘Kick’ cards which are easy to obtain and help the player by giving them that little bit extra power to their hands with +2 Power Points instead of just the starting card ‘Punch’ which only has +1 Power Points.


Whilst there are more rules, I don’t want to drag on too long, so lets talk art! The art on these cards are beautiful to look at, with bright colours and clear printing.

The art for the characters are based on the 2011-2015 DC Comics series known as ‘The New 52’. This series saw a lot of new designs to the characters and these cards show of those designs, such as Nightwing, seen on the Kick cards, with his new alternate Red symbol instead of his original blue symbol on his chest.


Whilst many hardcore table-top players might find this game has no real depth to it, or even the fact that taking on the role of Super-Heroes whilst working with (collecting) super villains etc. is just weird or wrong, I for one, as a casual table-top player, find that this is one of my favourite games to play with friends because of it’s simplicity and easy to learn mechanics.

The idea of being able to collect the various core sets and expansion packs also adds to that classic comic book fan sense of collecting them all, which I would love to do one day, since I have only played this version of a core expansion, and the ‘Arrow’ TV Series mini expansion.

This game is fun to play in a group or with just one friend, as there are so many different ways to play it and of course, with any game like this there is always the option of ‘House Rules’ which means you can mix it up and play it whichever way tickles your fancy.

For more information on this game, or to purchase it for yourself, click the link below to Cryptozoics official site:


Or for any other products from Cryptozoic, simply follow this link to their home page:


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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life

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News, reviews and opinions on all things geek!

DCs Earth-9

Travelling the Multiverse

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