Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Written by: Chris Terrio & David S. Goyer

So…here’s a movie that split so many fans and has caused COUNTLESS arguments online. My review may also cause arguments, but I’m willing to risk that as I have a fair bit to say about this movie, most importantly and foremost;

I enjoyed the movie!

The Good:

Let me start with what’s good because I feel there’s never enough positivity around this movie so here goes.

Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot were the two focuses of this movie because they had a lot of pressure on them to bring Batman and Wonder Woman to life and do the characters justice (terrible I know but I couldn’t resist). All over the internet I saw hate for Ben Affleck and people saying Gal Gadot was too skinny. Because I have faith in Zack Snyder, I had no real doubts about Gadot, because Zack is a fan and has made some brilliant films, and therefore he must have seen something in Gadot that made her worthy enough to play Diana, and he was not wrong. Zack’s previous film, Man Of Steel, made me become a Superman fan, because of the way he was written as conflicted and the whole film made him more human and I loved it.

Here’s where some people will disagree highly with me….I am not a big fan of the Nolan trilogy Batman. Now, before you throw a fit and verbally kick my ass, let me try and tell you why. The Voice! (it’s not the only reason, but this is the reason I’m trying to make a point of) Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne is a BILLIONAIRE, so who thought that the best way for him to disguise his voice would be to make him sound like he’s fucked up his throat somehow? A billionaire with all those gadgets would surely think that what he needs is a voice modulator. Snyder brought in the voice modulator and I fell in love in that first trailer from hearing Batman talk through a voice modulator because I was sat there like “Hallelujah they finally worked out what a billionaire vigilante would do!” and I think it could be just me, but I honestly would prefer to think of Batman using one of those rather than grumbling his voice, because it just makes more sense.

So…Batfleck was incredible. My favourite portrayal so far and here’s why:

– Arkham game fighting style

– Aged personality that says it all about why he’s that violent

– He’s definitely a great portrayal of the Dark Knight Returns version of Batman

– Ben Affleck is a great actor (in my opinion)

People’s biggest complaint was ‘Batman Kills’ and I’ve had this discussion with my friends many times. Yes people died, IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE! It’s rare but it happened. You like the realism of Nolan’s trilogy but there’s a realism to Batfleck that you might not be seeing. He’s been through all the same shit year in, year out for decades. Villains cause chaos, Batman fights villain, lets them live, puts them away, they break out, rinse repeat. Doing that for decades, losing people you love because of your choice not to kill, would surely cause a spark in your mind and Bruce Wayne says this in the movie through less words. “How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?”

If you think about it, he’s essentially saying “I was a good guy but even I have had my boundaries pushed to the line and over”. He’s finally at the age where he has a state of mind that from his perspective…bad guys don’t deserve to be shown mercy, but at the same time, he doesn’t necessarily kill every bad guy without most of them instigating it first.

Think of the warehouse scene. Bad Guy throws grenade, Batman kicks it back at him. Grenade goes BOOM. Bad guys die. BUT! If the guy hadn’t have tried to throw the grenade, Batman wouldn’t have kicked it back, and it wouldn’t have ended in their death. Simple as that.

Let’s move on though.

Superman is conflicted and the movie gets very political with a message of “Here’s a God-Like figure. Should he be allowed to do what he wants or should we take away Choice by having under the Government’s thumb?” and Superman personally is having internal issues of “I want this to be my home because it’s the only home I’ve known, but these people don’t want me and this stress is affecting both Clark Kent and Superman”. He should have been able to see or hear the bomb in the wheelchair, but his mind was preoccupied with “Why does this government and these people hate me when I saved not only my city but the whole world?”. Think about your stress with work, with college, school etc. and how it really does effect everything else around you. You might not want to go out with friends because you feel drained from the stress, now try to imagine that on the level of Superman! The poor guy just wanted to help.

My biggest enjoyment from this film was ALL OF THE DC REFERENCES! There were so many cool easter eggs, references etc. that I adored from Riddler Question Marks, to seeing Superman in a skeletal form after the Nuke explosion and then regaining his life force from the flowers through their Photosynthesis just like in the graphic novel! It was an incredible experience and I loved the film mainly for that.

The Bad:

Doomsday….I want to hope it’s not the actual Doomsday and maybe just a failed experiment that Lex tried out but at the same time I know it probably is meant to be THE Doomsday. However over time I have come to like this portrayal as I tell myself it’s not THE Doomsday because let’s face it, it’s Zod’s body and I believe since the films release Zack has confirmed that it’s not the official one. That being said, you can see what Zack was trying to do and what he did well with this creature, because it had elements of comic book Doomsday, as each massive blow of damage caused it to mutate into a more Doomsday-esque appearance, so it’s not actually as bad as many people make it out to be. 

Doomsday – BvS: DoJ

The Editing:

The editing was jumpy and some cuts didn’t make sense UNTIL the Ultimate Cut. The Ultimate Cut gives us some scenes with Clark Kent in Gotham BEFORE the big introduction to Batman in person, and hearing stories and investigating why people fear him, but also respect him. This would have worked so much better in the Theatrical Cut but sadly studios like to cut the film and people blame the Director for it which annoys me slightly.

Guaranteed this post might not change your mind, but I must say that you should try watching the film again if you’ve avoided it, watch the Ultimate Cut and really pay attention to how its being shown to the audience. Overall this is one of my favourite superhero movies and I will always stand up for it, BUT I’m not blind to it’s faults.

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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life

Keith R.A. DeCandido's mad ramblings

The Joker’s HQ

News, reviews and opinions on all things geek!

DCs Earth-9

Travelling the Multiverse

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